The Grand & Mighty Wilderness – New Productions Music


NOTE: This track is from my production music collection. Music will play with “AudioJungle” watermark until purchased. What is production music?

Adventure is waiting! The Grand & Mighty Wilderness is a call to the uncharted and unexplored — the last frontiers of discovery, excitement and freedom.

Using a blend of orchestral and synthesized instruments, along with a powerful and stirring vocal call that appears throughout the track, a beautiful, inspirational and triumphant piece with cinematic flare emerges.

Creative yet seamless transitions and a colorful, vivid soundscape will make it easy to create and edit content around. Particularly, this track will pair exceptionally well with areal, drone and slow-motion footage. Given its cinematic nature, The Grand & Mighty Wilderness with also work wonderfully with film openers, titles and movie trailers.

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