General Questions

Firstly, thank you for licensing my work and for giving me credit!

If your project is on the Internet Movie Database website you can find my profile here where you can link me to the work.

Rolling Credits & Online Videos

For rolling credits in your project, please use:

“Song Title”
By Tim McMorris


For listing hyperlinks online, please list the official sites only, even if a song was licensed from AudioJungle:

The success of Overwhelmed has been amazing to say the least! This success has also created a world-wide explosion of wedding performance requests that is simply impossible for one man to do. I am truly honored that you want me to play personally at your wedding (really!) however for now I must decline.

I am currently an “unsigned” artist and publish my music exclusively through King’s Crown Productions. Being unsigned is not necessarily a bad thing, and in fact I’m not actively seeking to be signed. I have turned down multiple offers in the past.

I am not anti record label, I’ve just been doing this for long enough now to know that not every “good” deal is actually a good deal. The increasing popularity of my work has allowed me more flexibility and freedom than an indie artists typically sees. The musical landscape has been greatly changing since the digital era as well, and to be truthful, though being signed still holds some benefits, it’s actually no longer necessary to have a great career and high level of success in the industry.

To date, I have written and recorded all of the material released under my name. I also co-write material with my wife Khaili for certain projects. In the past, I have recorded at many different locations but today I record almost all of my material at the King’s Crown Productions studio.

Since I both write music that is released under my own name an an artist, and music for production purposes/libraries, not all music is available on listening platforms. There is also the case where my distributors aren’t connected with certain digital stores for legal reasons. While I do my best to make my music available everywhere, legally, it sometimes just doesn’t always work out.

I’m not going to lie, getting fan mail is pretty exciting! Fan mail can be sent to:

Tim McMorris | PO BOX 1141 Ridgeway PO, Ridgeway, Ontario Canada L0S 1N0

Please make sure to include an e-mail address somewhere with any fanmail sent my way!

YouTube & Social Site Use

Firstly, thank you for licensing my work!

To protect my work against copyright infringement and piracy, many of my songs have been assigned a digital fingerprint. This digital fingerprint is automatically recognized when a song is used in a YouTube video, and as a layer of security, a song must be “cleared” with YouTube before used without restriction. This process protects legitimate rights holders, my work, and YouTube from legal conflicts and consequences in cases of copyright infringement.

If you are receiving this notice please do not worry; it is not a strike against your video or channel! It is simply a standard automated notice and can be removed quite easily; the process is often times completed and the claim removed in less than 24 hours.

To get your existing video(s) cleared and the notice removed, or to pre-clear your YouTube channel before uploading, please contact me through the special copyright support form.

For more information about content ID, AdRev, why I decided to digitally fingerprint my music and what happens if you choose to ignore YouTube’s notice, please see Understanding Content ID

Music Licensing

Production music is a music industry term to describe music specifically created for use within multi-media productions. While production music has become somewhat synonymous with “background music, it is not always used in background applications and sometimes is the major theme or driving aspect of a project.

Production music can be licensed and therefore legally used within television commercials, films, online videos, radio program and in many more applications.

While traditional production music has been known as “second rate” music in the past (largely to poor production values and limited technology), this is no longer the case, and many production music tracks are on the cutting edge of today’s music landscape.

In general, if a song is not being licensed on AudioJungle it is being exclusively licensed, or is available through King’s Crown Productions. This is the case for Overwhelmed. This is also true for some of my more popular songs like Shape The World, and It’s A Beautiful Day which are no longer on AudioJungle.

From time to time songs will get removed as a custom license arrangement is needed that AudioJungle simply can’t facilitate. Once a song is taken down it can not be re-uploaded, therefore the logical step is to license through King’s Crown Productions.

For any specific licensing questions and information you can use this contact form.

Exclusive license deals are handled through King’s Crown Productions. In the case that you are desiring to exclusively license a song from my AudioJungle portfolio, there will be a few things to consider when it comes to cost:

  1. Any offer for exclusive use will have to be better than what the song is making on it’s own while on AudioJungle. Simply put, if a song is making $1,000 a year lets say, it wouldn’t make financial sense to license the song for $200. As each song is different, license quotes are issued on a case by case basis.
  2. When a song is removed from AudioJungle it can never be re-uploaded. In other words, removing a song from AudioJungle for your project means a perpetual income stream loss for that song for me. This is something else that will be considered in the quoting phase.

Music Licensing (AudioJungle Specific)

AudioJungle is the world’s fastest growing marketplace of royalty free music, sound effects and audio content. They license audio content for every kind of project imaginable. I am currently a top selling composer on AudioJungle.

AudioJungle has an audio library of around 300,000 items (at the time of writing this at least) including music loops, music packs, source files, and both full length vocal and instrumental tracks.

With high quality audio, extremely¬†affordable prices, and it’s host of internationally recognized producers and composers, it’s no secret why The New York Times boasts AudioJungle as a world contender in royalty free audio.

What is really cool about AudioJungle is that it’s not just a marketplace, but a community where composers and buyers come together to form successful long lasting business relationships.

Royalty Free Music is a term that refers to production music that has no additional fees to pay once the music has been licensed. The license fee is paid one time and (depending on the license or company selling it) can be used in a project of yours either a single time or multiple times. Royalty free music licenses and the libraries that provide them are offered on a non-exclusive basis (in other words, they can license the song to you and anyone else on the planet at the same time).

Since there are no additional “royalty” payments to pay the licensor after initial licensing, it is therefore classed as “royalty free music”.

A “project” can be anything from a YouTube video, to a corporate presentation, to a film and more. Essentially, wherever music can be used to enhance a project, a license can be obtained for it.

In a traditional “rights managed” licensing structure, music licenses can be much more complicated and expensive. This is not to say that there is not a place for rights managed licensing however.

The benefit of rights managed music is typically (but not always) higher quality production values, choice of music from world famous artists and options for exclusivity. Royalty Free Music in comparison is simple, cheaper and more convenient.

On the down side of royalty free music, you cannot typically exclusively license a song, and securing a license for a major artist royalty free is extremely unlikely.

No. Sometimes people make the unfortunate mistake of thinking “royalty free” means “copyright free”. Please see question above for more about royalty free music.

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