Over the years, I’ve had some great opportunities and have been honored to be a part of some really phenomenal projects. Listed below are some (not every project has a shareable video) of the projects that stand a cut above the rest either because of their uniqueness, popularity or creativity.

Subway Advertising

Australia & New Zealand | Television, Theater & Web

Starting in mid 2015, world-famous franchise Subway featured “It’s A Beautiful Day” in their “Eat Well, Go Live Life” advertising campaign across the great land down under.

Exposure from the commercial helped propel the song to #86 on the iTunes Australia charts in August.

Toyota Advertising Campaign

Japan | Television, Theater & Web

To kick off 2015 TOYOTA Japan launched the TOYOTA NEXT ONE “The World Is One” campaign. This campaign which ran nationally on television and online, featured “Fall In Love Again” (AKA ‘Feel Alive Again’) which I had the privilege of writing specifically for the project. For more info on this project please see TOYOTA chooses Tim McMorris.

Silent Love

Short Film | Web

Surpassing 1 million views online in a short period of time, Silent Love has captured many hearts across the world. The popular short film from Codcast Italia Productions features “Live And Be Free” which is exclusively available for license from King’s Crown Productions.

Around The World In 360 Degrees

Modern Motorcycle Diaries | Web

When Alex Chacon posted his “3 Year Epic Selfie” video online, he probably didn’t expect the internet to responded with over 13 Million views on YouTube alone. The viral video, synchronized to “A Beautiful Life“, continues to inspire audiences and adventure seekers today.

Samuel Adams Advertising Campaign

National Campaign (United States) | Television, Radio & Web

In 2012 Boston Beer Company Samuel Adams featured Overwhelmed and Made To Be Free in a national television and web campaign that gained a lot of attention.

The combination of the campaign with the timely release of the overwhelmed music video propelled the single to #2 on the iTunes singer-songwriter charts in the United States, garnished a mention from Billboard Magazine, and brought scores of new fans and interest to my work.