Explore & Discover – New Production Music!

Explore & Discover Tim McMorris

Driven by a lush, dynamic, imaginative soundscape, ‘Explore & Discover’ takes the listener on an exciting and inspirational adventure!

It’s been a little while since I release a new production music track, so I’m very excited to announce a new cinematic piece!

Led by piano, the piece begins with a hauntingly beautiful and nostalgic vocal call to wonder and adventure. Over a short period of time the music builds and climbs, layer upon layer, to what seems like an inevitable crescendo — only to drop into a new intriguing musical phrase that will create a lot of freedom and room for creativity while editing your project.

Finally, with an aggressive string arrangement, growling brass and thundering cinematic hits, the track rises and completes in a victorious and triumphant display.

Paired with your project, Explore & Discover will help to create an unforgettable impression while leaving your audience with chills and goosebumps, wanting more!

License Explore & Discover on AudioJungle

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