TOYOTA Chooses Tim McMorris!

This week across all of Japan TOYOTA launched the TOYOTA NEXT ONE “The World Is One” campaign. This national campaign, which is being pushed by a series of television and online commercials, features my track “Fall In Love Again” (AKA ‘Feel Alive Again’) which I had the privilege of writing specifically for the project.

Taking on this project was fun and has been rewarding beyond the exposure from TV air time. The project wasn’t just for a TV ad, but for a short film to be showcased around the world. The initial concept of the song was not an unfamiliar theme in my existing music; that of falling in love again with the things we once cherished but lost sight of. I was quite happy with the concept as it always makes it easier to create a song already in line with your natural tendencies. There was a lot of freedom at the song writing stage which is always great. Having greater flexibility always produces better work in my experience.

If you haven’t seen the short/commercial yet here is a 30 second preview for you:

For best effect however, I recommend visiting the TOYOTA website where they have a special presentation of the entire short film. The concept is very unique and must have been challenging to pull of the way they did it. The storyboard is presented as three videos all playing simultaneously. In all three videos the same thing is happening but with different pairs or actors in different locations. At any time you can select between any three of the videos, or “zoom in” to follow that specific storyline.

While composing the music I only had access to material in Japanese, so it was very interesting to select and watch the video time-line that is in English!

All in all, this has definitely been a great highlight in my career so far. After all, not many get to say that they were hand chosen to write for TOYOTA!

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