Talking AdRev & Content ID with Envato Community Blog

As many of you know, I recently decided to ad my musical works to YouTube’s Content ID system by joining AdRev.

Just a few days ago I took a little time to answer some detailed questions for the Envato Community Blog about why I decided to join, and that article was published today:

AudioJungle Elite, Tim McMorris, recently registered his entire portfolio with AdRev, after discovering a label had registered his copyrighted music as their own, claiming advertising revenue on videos with viewing numbers as high as seven figures. McMorris’ announcement that he was joining AdRev contained a call-to-action to other authors to do the same, which reignited some debate about whether Content ID partners like AdRev are good or bad for authors and in-turn, buyers.

To clarify how he came to his decision to join AdRev, I put some questions to Tim McMorris. View full article

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