Sam Adam’s Commercial features “Overwhelmed”!

The e-mails and comments have been pouring in, and I wanted to take a quick moment to say thank you for all of the kind words and support I’ve been receiving about the song!

The last few years have been a great journey and the ride continues to get better! Thank you to everyone who has been purchasing the song on iTunes ! If you havne’t seen the commercial on TV yet, it’s below:


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    Thanks for all the amazing comments everyone! Sorry that the comments feature had been disabled for SOOO long. My site developer unfortunately abandoned me and I had to leave them off until the whole site was re-designed.  It took way longer than expected. Thankfully, that's all over now and I have a brand new site with great comment functionality again! Thanks for waiting so long for it! - Tim
  • I heard of you for the first time via the commercial (thank you Shazam, best app ever). I put this song up against "The Luckiest" by Ben Folds for love song of the, albeit young, century.
  • Your song Overwhelmed is the most beautiful song I have ever heard! I cannot listen it without tears rolling down! It overwhelms my emotions in the most wonderful way! Thank you
  • I love the song OVERWHELMED.. I want it on cd.. com'on folks where can I get it besides on the 3m d thingy... sandy
  • Sometimes you hear a word, a spoken thought, or a song and it sparks something in you....something treasured, something forgotten or something remembered. I just heard "Overwhelmed" and I just wanted to say it was beautiful. Thank you!
  • Awesome song, Tim! I heard the snippet of it on the Sam Adams commercial and figured out it was you on Google. I like your sound a lot and will be buying the whole album when I get a chance in the near future. Keep it up and good luck!