Omega – New Cinematic Track!

Omega is a soundtrack unlike any other in my portfolio, and was composed and produced over a two month period. Thundering monster brass, massive percussion elements, apocalyptic claps, string stings and risers, male and female choirs and rare and unique sound effects make up this thrilling and exhilarating piece.

There are four main moods or scenes in the full version of Omega. The piece opens with a terrifyingly dramatic sound scape and then transitions to the β€œOmega” chanting choir. From there there is a short lull and then a transition to it’s grand and triumphant crescendo.

Add that true Hollywood Cinematic sound to your project with Omega.

Important: This package contains 4 different versions of the song which will play one after the other in the preview. Both .wav and mp3 files are included in the download package.

1.) Full Version – 2:50 (0 – 2:44)

2.) Short Version – 2:13 (2:45 – 4:53)

3.) Choir Removed – 2:50 (4:53 – 7:36)

4.) Sound effects removed from ending – 2:50 (7:37 – 10:24)

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