Upbeat & Exciting Hipster Music – New Production Music!

Upbeat & Exciting Hipster Music


NOTE: This track is from my production music collection. Music will play with “AudioJungle” watermark until purchased. What is production music?

Ah the hipster – from their avocado toast and specialty coffees to their unique yet refined ever trendy fashion; we can’t seem to get enough of them!

Alas, maybe you cannot commit to or command that level of personal coolness, but why should your next project suffer? Fear not: Upbeat & Exciting Hipster Music is here to help you out!

The true hipster is just outside of the cultural mainstream on the cutting edge, and similarly this energetic and adventurous track blurs the lines between genres using acoustic instruments and electronic synthesizers to create a fresh and unique song that’s perfect for any project looking to express feelings of fun, freedom, independence, success and adventure in an exhilarating and edgy way.

If avocado toast and the effortlessly cool urban bohemian hipster had a sound, I believe it would be something like this 🙂

Full Version (3:26) Instrumental (3:26)

Upbeat & Exciting Hipster Music can be licensed on AudioJungle

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