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Heart Strings Tim McMorris


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Early this July, I woke up at 3 am from a dream. While nothing about most of the dream seemed extraordinary, there came a magical moment right before waking — this beautiful yet somewhat haunting melody filled the air. It was a song I was sure I had never heard, though it somehow was also familiar at the same time. It was mesmerizing.

Waking, the music trailed off with what seemed like with a long dramatic reverb tail slowly fading into the distance. From dream to reality, I could still hear the last notes of music as if they were played right in my bedroom.

Stumbling and still half asleep, I made my way to the studio to write out the melody and chords from the dream. By the time I had everything down I wasn’t sure I had it exactly right, but it was close. I recorded most of the song in studio a few days later.

Since the song and its release were unplanned, I thought initially I would release a simple lyric video to accompany the track. The more I headed that direction however, it just didn’t feel right.

I decided to reached out to a talented motion graphics artist named Alex who’ve I worked with a little over the years, though never worked together on a major project before. Though he was rightfully already busy with existing work, he wanted to hear the song anyway. To my delight, he really like the song, and had an idea to discuss.

While Alex’s idea was a way better idea than the lyric video I had, it seemed more and more that Heart Strings needed its own full video. To my surprise, even with his existing busy schedule on another project, he was soon on board to helping the Heart Strings music video come to life as well!

After two months of intense planning and execution, many late nights, many early mornings, and overcoming some unique artistic and technological challenges, the Heart Strings music video came together and was completed!

It was a great pleasure to work with the extremely gifted Alex Shamraev on this project and it certainly would not have turned out the same without his creativity and dedication.

The boundaries of editing and animation were truly pushed to new heights to achieve this seamless work, and I hope you enjoy the song, story, and video as much as I do! If you’re still reading, share the video 🙂

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