Genesis – New Cinematic Instrumental

Inspiration, nobility, power, awe – this is Genesis. Genesis is a captivating piece that slowly and sweepingly builds into a full choral arrangement. Featuring a female soloist and both male and female choirs, Genesis captures the grand sound and feel of a high end Hollywood soundtrack, but at a price you cannot find anywhere other then AudioJungle.

From indie and short films to major motion pictures, Genesis won’t just be a background track – it will bring your audience to another world – your project will make a lasting impact and will not be forgotten!

License Genesis

NOTE: Music will play with “AudioJungle” watermark until purchased.

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  • Hello, guest
  • Hello tim really great song and i love it but i have one question to a music person like you. if you go into to your music list and press royality free music there you can see all your music for comercial use and music picture on them like the song Superhero you see a picture of superman but were actually does you get the picture from just wondering. But keep you music up and i hope i can see your song "close my eyes" on itunes soon Have a good night or a good day beacuse you are in canada and i in sweden and it's night here and day fot you :)