Advertising Music Jumps To #1 Spot

Advertising Music

Advertising Music Takeover

If you have been looking for memorable advertising music, buyers on AudioJungle have some advice: You need to check out This Is How You Advertise. It’s not just good advice either; these buyers have actually put their money where their mouth is.

With 5,424 sales at the time of this post being created, This Is How You Advertise (which is from my AudioJungle portfolio) has now surpassed Give Our Dreams Their Wing’s To Fly as my most licensed track of all time!

Part of the tracks success can be attributed to the fact that it’s not a cookie cutter advertising song, and really, isn’t JUST for advertising. It’s an upbeat track with an indie vibe that is suitable for all types of uses. You may have heard it being used in some notable YouTube videos even. If you’d like to use This Is How You Advertise in your next project, you can license it on AudioJungle.

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