Translation – New Cinematic Opener!

Translation is a powerful, moving and inspirational cinematic piece that will take you (and your audience) to another world. The track is like a wave, beginning softly with just a piano and choir and building to a giant crescendo at 2:18, then falling back again into a soft and mysterious outro at 3:01. It’s atmosphere is mysterious and powerful, at first tranquil then quickly becoming aggressive. Instrumentation includes piano, female and male choirs, orchestral brass, harp, cinematic percussion, and orchestral strings.

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  • Tim, This is a gorgeous track - Congrats on an excellent job! I am now working on finding a project to use this on - I usually work the other way around, but you have inspired me.
    • Hi Paul! Thanks very much, I am glad to have inspired you :) You may have already seen them, but in case you haven't there are some great after effects project templates here which features the song: Thanks again!