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I’m glad that you’d like to work together!

Beyond releasing material under my own name as an artist, I write / produce music for projects of various kinds all over the world through King’s Crown Productions. The King’s Crown website is currently being redeveloped at the moment so for now this information is listed here. In the future however, all custom work will be handled and administered through kingscrownproductions.com

Services I Offer

I love making projects sound awesome – and yours is no exception. I am committed to excellence in every area of creation and production and work to continually meet and exceed my client’s expectations. Below are the services I currently offer:

Custom Audio Creation
  • Songs/music for television, radio, film, video games, online projects etc.
  • Jingles and audio logo’s / idents for branding
  • Scoring for film, television  & other projects
  • Sound design
  • Edits and alterations to my existing music portfolios
  • Custom songs (lyrics)

Additional Information

As no two projects are alike, below I’ve listed additional information to help bring clarity to the process before we even get started! If you have any questions at all, please contact me.


Custom audio work (excluding jingles, audio logos and sound design) is always licensed and never sold. What you are able to do with the final work and for how long depends on the licensing terms negotiated before a project begins. Once the work is complete, you will be issued a license from King’s Crown Productions.


As each project and scope are substantially different, it is impossible to list prices. Below however, is a list that is typically used to calculate total cost.

Song writing / composing
  • Overall complexity of the project (creative fee)
  • Overall length of the project
  • Recording, mixing, and editing time + revisions
  • Number of variations required (when applicable)
  • Vocal arrangements
  • Cost of studio musicians (when applicable)
  • Turn around time (there is an additional fee for “rush” projects)
  • Licensing fee: Term, territory, duration etc. (when applicable)

After hammering out the details of what you would like, you will always be provided with a quote so you will have a very good idea of the total project cost before we begin!

Music Licensing

If you are looking to license my music for use in an upcoming project, that can either be done through AudioJungle or King’s Crown Productions.

AudioJungle contains many of the tracks from my albums as well as music written specifically for production purposes – all royalty free, and non-exclusively.

In the event that you would like to license a song exclusively in a territory, that is handled through King’s Crown Productions. KCP also non-exclusively licenses songs not found on AudioJungle or anywhere else.

For general information about music licensing itself please see the music licensing page.

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