Feel The Love – New Single!

Feel The Love Tim McMorris

More than ever, our world needs healing, forgiveness, kindness, patience and love towards one another. Equally as important, as the world continues to navigate this dark hour it needs HOPE.

A global pandemic has a way of making you feel helpless; not just in your own life, but in your ability to help others as you fight an invisible enemy. Yet still, we all have gifts and talents we can use. For me, while obviously aware that music cannot cure COVID-19, I’ve been reminded that it certainly has the power to calm and sooth the soul and offer a hope for tomorrow. Music has the power to curb fears and anxieties as it draws us towards the places it was created from. So, I decided to record and release an unplanned single — “Feel the Love”, recorded over just two days, with the hopes of injecting joy in an uncertain time.

Among the noise of life, this uplifting song endeavors to create a happy and inspiring moment, however brief, to dance and remind ourselves of our humanity, our strength and our resilience. It reminds us that the earth is ours to share, that we all have a responsibility and role to play today, and most importantly, that there is never a time where love isn’t the answer.

I hope this helps you to feel a little lighter today, and ask that you’ll help me share this song and message to those around you who desperately need some joy today! One click to share has more power than you think!

Stay safe, stay calm, stay in love.

Feel the Love is available on Spotify, Apple Music and digital platforms world-wide!

You can also license the song for your own project via AudioJungle.

View Feel The Love Lyrics.

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